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The City of Riverdale is located 60 miles south of Minot and 65 miles north of Bismarck on scenic bluffs overlooking beautiful Lake Sakakawea.

Residents and visitors alike take advantage of the outstanding fishing, hunting and boating opportunities which are only a stone's throw away.

City of Riverdale

History of Community

Riverdale has been unique since the planning stages.  The city was constructed between 1946 and 1950 to provide housing for government workers and contractors during the construction of Garrison Dam.

The city was designed in the shape of a half moon as viewed from the air.  Streets are named for the states which make up the Missouri Basin:  Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota (North & South), Minnesota, Missouri, Montana and Wyoming.

During the peak of construction, there were approximately 5,000 people living in Riverdale and nearly 1,100 students enrolled in school.  Business places consisted of a 38-bed hospital with two doctors, hotel, cafe, library, barber/beauty shop, grocery store, post office, gas station and bowling alley.  One of the largest theaters in the state at the time (1,124-seats) was a major attraction as was the American Legion Club.

Community Profile

In September 1985, the townsite was officially incorporated as a new municipality in the state of North Dakota.  The residents elected their first mayor and city council members in October 1985.
On July 26, 1986, the Corps of Engineers, who operated and maintained the city for forty years, formally turned over the deed to the town.
The current population (2010 census) is 205.  However, this figure expands significantly during the summer season as many flock to the area for weekend getaways.